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What is the Learning Path after i Get the MCSA certification ?

 Undoubtedly, most network engineers and information technology specialists wonder what after Getting the MCSA certification or being able to deal with a Windows server.

Unfortunately, most of the courses spread on the Internet talk about the server and the domain, and most of them are topics related to the MCSA certification, and therefore many people have reached this point of well-known and the job also without updating themselves to the real market requirements

A message to everyone who arrived at MCSA and stopped there. I would like to tell you that you still have many, many more opportunities, and you still have great opportunities that you should exploit well.

First – the trend of Virtualization and Cloud

Virtual technology has become a necessary and inevitable thing to learn. If you look from the perspective of companies, you will find that the financial cost is less when I buy one server with great capabilities and make more than one server through the company through the virtual.
Also, cloud technology, which has become the most prevalent now in 2021, relies entirely on the concept of “Fresco”, because there is everything that is a formal switch, a switch, and everything related to the servers
And since you learned MCSA, your way will be easy to learn the cloud, whether AWS AZURE Google

Second – the security trend

Do you imagine the existence of a network in a company of any size without strong protection for it?
Security is the most difficult and most important field, and it will remain the most important field until humanity ends
Because the infrastructure needs protection in all institutions and at the state level, where learning to protect has become necessary to avoid penetration of organizations and state systems, as we see in intelligence films.
You can watch the movie Die Hard 4
We will talk in a separate article about the security and the most important certificates in it, but in principle, since you learned MCSA, you should start with the CEH certification

Third – specializing in Linux

Linux is one of the most important servers in the world because it represents 70% of the technology. If you look at the virtual technology, you will find that VMware, for example, depends in all its systems on Linux as an operating system.

If you hear about DevOps, you will find that it is based primarily on the use of Linux

In order to specialize in Linux, you can start with the Linux + certification, then study the RHCA certification from Red Hat, which is equivalent to the MCSA certification in Microsoft in terms of subjects and not in terms of its market power.

Are there other areas ?? Certainly, but these are the most famous or these major specialties in the air, each one has many branches

Mohamed Alaa

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