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Top 10 tips to find a job through LinkedIn

It is surprising that, to this day, many are ignorant of the importance of LinkedIn, whether you are looking for a new job or like to communicate with specialists in your field or communicate with companies and scientific research owners with ease and in this article, we will review the importance of LinkedIn for job seekers

Here are the top 10 tips for your dealings with LinkedIn :-

01 – Try as much as possible to focus on highlighting your professional experiences through your profile. Your certificates and experiences are what make you always at the forefront.

02 – Do not pay attention to employment advertisements that contain the phrase “If Interested Like This Post” … Is it reasonable that the owner of the post, if he was honest, would choose you through like among thousands of likes !!

03 – Subscribe to the popular LinkedIn groups for recruitment in which you will find HR giants that you can contact

04 – Try out the premium membership, even if for the sake of experiment, LinkedIn will give you a month for free … During this month, you can get the right job for you, because of the popularity that the premium membership achieves for your profile

05 – Never post entertainment content such as comedy videos, songs, funny pictures, etc., as this would negatively affect your strong presence in the LinkedIn world.

06 – Pay attention to Summary, as it is always your first impression and is able to express you about your specialization and experiences

07 – Make every day approve or make recommendations to others. That will make them give you recommendations, and you are the beneficiary. The more recommendations you have, this indicates your experience and your professionalism.

08 – If you are good at writing good content, then it is okay to write a specialized article or post on LinkedIn. This is the best way to be known for and to know those around you.

09 – Use the Advanced Search feature to search for the right job for you

10 – Upload your CV in the Summary. As we all do in Paragraph 6, the first thing to be looked at is your Summary

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