The most important programming language to get a high-paying job

It is certain that famous programming languages ​​such as C-Sharp or PHP are important to get high-paying job and are very popular in the whole world, but is it better in 2022 for you to study one of these languages ​​or study the most important programming language in the modern world??


So what is the most important programming language at the current time?

Simply it is JavaScript, not Java. I am talking about JavaScript, the beautiful language that has developed tremendously in recent years and has become a back-end and front-end language. Through JavaScript only, you can work on an integrated project with a database

Try for yourself to open job sites or for example LinkedIn and search for the word REACT JS or ANGULAR

And tell me how many job applications you have found for holders of these technologies. In return, search for C# or PHP and compare for yourself to know that the whole modern world is moving towards JavaScript.


What is the correct way to become proficient in REACT or Angular?

The path here begins with your study of the basics of HTML – CSS

After that, the study of JAVASCRIPT begins, and this step must be delved into well, because it is the basis for what is to come, as REACT, for example, is nothing but a JavaScript library and not a language in itself.

After I was able to use JavaScript and understood ES2015, which are principles that were added to the JavaScript language, it resolved some of the shortcomings in the language and made it integrated and added many features that greatly facilitated it.

Now comes the REACT or Angular step

You can study either of them and make an integrated project using all of the above, but here the project will only be FRONT end, but if you like the project to be FRONT and BACK, you will choose the back-end language to study

You can study Node JS, which is also a JavaScript library that works with servers and databases

Or you can study PHP with Laravel

or C# with ASP.NET

Or Python with Django


All options are available, but the most important thing is to have REACT or Angular in your pocket. Believe me, you will find a real job opportunity in the best places with great salaries.

Mohamed Alaa

I am Mohamed Alaa 33 Years i am Working as a DevOps Engineer i have experience with Networking and IT also i have good experience with Programming Specially .NET Technology i have Build this website to share my knowledge with others to help anyone want to be professional in the IT Field
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