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 Many people think that the news on Google is 100% reliable, while others consider that it can be manipulated and may not always be accurate. 

One of the factors that influence whether the news on Google is reliable or not is the source of the information. If a website has a reputation for providing accurate information, it is likely that what is reported on it will also be trustworthy. However, if a website has been publishing false information in the past, its posts should be treated with caution. Another thing to consider when evaluating whether or not Google News results are trustworthy is how recently they have been published. 

Old stories may not be relevant and may contain inaccurate information due to changes in circumstances or updated knowledge about the story itself. Hence, it is always best to stick to the most recent articles when looking for reliable online news sources. And to help you even more, today we are going to share with you a search engine to find news categorized by special AI algorithms.

News Search by The Factual is an AI-powered tool with over 10 million news articles rated based on different criteria and on a score ranging from 1-100%.

The news processed by the tool is evaluated according to the quality of the site, the expertise of the author, the quality and diversity of the sources, and the tone of writing. Articles that appear authoritative will score between 75% or 100% and are highlighted in green. In addition to the yellow color for articles between 50% and 75%. Less than 50% are marked in orange.

The site also offers a Chrome extension, as well as an Is This Credible tool for rating and rating articles. Furthermore, the tool may not work properly depending on a number of factors that you can review at the bottom of this page.

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