How to Permanently Uninstall Internet Explorer From Your PC

Internet Explorer has always been the default browser for Windows. Despite its continued adoption in Windows 10, it has become a real threat to users due to performance issues and fewer features compared to its competitors, and Microsoft has replaced it with Microsoft Edge.

Many users ignored, due to the above reasons, Microsoft chose to keep Internet Explorer 11 installed on Windows 10, but not as the default browser. Recently, the company advised users of its operating system to remove this browser from their computers. Here is how to completely remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10.

The process of removing Internet Explorer from the Windows operating system is done through the original system features, meaning that the following explanation will not pose any danger to your files or the Windows system. If you regret uninstalling the browser, you can also reinstall it at any time you deem necessary.

How to Permanently Uninstall Internet Explorer From Your PC


you can watch our video 




 or follow these steps


In addition to the above warnings, and it is also necessary to uninstall any other software, this requires an account with administrator privileges on the device.

first – Open the Start menu and search for Control Panel.


In the “Programs” section, click “Uninstall a program”;

Now, it should be noted that Internet Explorer is not part of the list. Then click “Enable or disable Windows features”;

In the window that appears, find Internet Explorer 11 in the list and deselect it. In the message that appears, click “Yes”, then “OK”;


Restart your computer.

After restarting your computer, you will notice that Internet Explorer is no longer present in Windows. If you need to restore it, just follow the step by-step mentioned above, check the box next to it in the list and restart your computer until it is reinstalled.


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